Financial support for Steve

Steve is once again appealing for financial help in this third attempt. He needs to cover the huge costs of equipment (the maintenance costs alone will be more than most cyclists will spend in a lifetime). Small donations are fine via Paypal. For larger amounts or to set-up a regular monthly donation for 2017/18, please use Steve's accounts below

Click button then enter amount

If you wish to donate a regular amount or a larger sum, or you wish to sponsor Steve, You can pay directly into his account or set up a standing order. Current sponsors please ensure your payment details are as follows :-
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Donors to the previous attempts may like to know that Steve has been extremely frugal in the intervening period, despite his work encouraging other cyclists and the work involving preparation for this attempt.  As a result he still has some funds to start, but not enough to see him through the year.
Many thanks to all donors.